History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History 

Brown Funeral Homes are located in the far western Kentucky counties of Hickman and Graves.  Our history has evolved from the strength of these counties and the people who devoted their lives to helping others during their time of sadness.  Yes, we are a family owned and operated firm and strive every day to be the ones who can step in and help families through a very difficult time.  Looking back over the evolution of our family business, a typical funeral home genealogy emerges.  In 1952, Robert W.  “Bob” and Dorothy Denney Brown brought their identical twin sons, Bobby and Billy to Clinton. Bob and Dorothy had lived in Louisville, KY, where Bob was an embalmer and funeral director with the Arch L. Heady Funeral Homes. After careful study they decided to buy into the local funeral home in Clinton and as a result Hopkins and Brown Funeral Home was created. Bordered by the Mississippi River, Clinton is located in Hickman County in western Kentucky.  It is an area rich in agriculture, but the people were the real asset of the county.  Bob and Dorothy worked in the funeral home and built a foundation of love and caring for the families of the area.  The people of this area learned to trust and depend on them to provide and carry out the last wishes of their family members who had passed away.

In the same year, a second location was added to the business in Graves County.  In the small town of Wingo, KY, our funeral home is located in the center of the town.  It has been a funeral home where friends and family gather to pay respect and tribute to their loved ones.

Through the next 22 years, the funeral home saw several changes through personnel as well as changes in the funeral industry. 

Robert D. “Bobby” Brown received a BA in Business from the University of Kentucky.  While in college, he met the former Shelia Owens from Fulton, KY.   In August, 1972, they were married and moved to Louisville, KY where Bobby had enrolled in the Kentucky School of Mortuary Science.  After graduating and returning to Clinton, they bought into the business and became partners with his parents.  The name of “Hopkins and Brown Funeral Homes” was later changed to the R. D. Brown Funeral Homes.

In 1988, an opportunity arose which gave the family another location.  The third location is in the city of Mayfield ( Graves County ) Kentucky.  Our continued efforts of striving to provide the most caring atmosphere have been our first priority in each location.  At that time, Bob and Dorothy moved to Mayfield to supervise the initial foundation of not only the character and heart but also the actual building of the new funeral home.  A large stately southern home had been bought to keep our business in a home atmosphere and additions were built to provide all the needs of the public. Our desire was to preserve a part of Mayfield’s heritage and let the entire population have access to the building. Even though Bob, the patriarch of our family has gone to meet our Lord, Dorothy continues to take an active part in the everyday functions of the business.  We have also welcomed the third generation of the Brown family to the endeavors of this family business.

Our funeral business has filled our lives and provided us a wealth of accomplishments.  In the wee hours of the night, we are the voices on the other end of the phone.  We strive to provide families with a caring staff who is readily available to anyone.  Our heartfelt efforts are real; we hope to always please our families and to answer their needs in the appropriate manner during their time of sadness.  The foundation laid in 1952, has withstood the test of time by continuing to support families through sad times while reminding us that our most important commodity is personal service

Our Valued Staff

Dorothy H. Brown

Dorothy H. Brown, Funeral Director, Founder

Robert D.

Robert D. "Bobby" Brown, Owner, Funeral Director and Embalmer

Shelia Owens Brown

Shelia Owens Brown, Owner, Funeral Director

Micah W. Brown

Micah W. Brown, Funeral Director and Embalmer

Mykala Brown

Mykala Brown, Funeral Director

Greg  Wilkerson

Greg Wilkerson, Funeral Director and Embalmer

Leonard  May

Leonard May, Funeral Director and Embalmer

Jim  Mitchell

Jim Mitchell, Funeral Director and Embalmer

Steve Ray

Steve Ray, Funeral Director

Wrenn Ray

Wrenn Ray, Funeral Director Assistant

Doug Barnt

Doug Barnt, Funeral Director Assistant

Dennis Zimmer

Dennis Zimmer, Funeral Director Assistant

Bill Oliver

Bill Oliver, Funeral Director Assistant

Vera Cunningham

Vera Cunningham, Apprentice Funeral Director

Caleb Monroe

Caleb Monroe, Funeral Director Assistant

Dakota Ray

Dakota Ray, Funeral Director Assistant